SpaceFactory RallyTeam
For the love of speed

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Our team

SpaceFactory RallyTeam consists of Anna Time – Stępniak (pilot) and Maciej Stępniak (driver). Ania and Maciek have been racing in Poland and abroad since 2017 – that’s when they first competed in a race in Słomczyn and won the Słomczyn Gravel Track Cup.


Over the years, rallying has become their family passion. They currently compete in a car that previously served as a family car. When it became clear that it was getting too small for their growing family, they converted it into a rally car.


They also passed their passion for cars and racing on their children who actively help them during the competition by, for example, taking pictures of each race.

As they say about themselves, they are a close-knit team, sharing their common passions – not only for cars and racing, but also motorcycles and bike tours.

Since 2023, they are representing SpaceFactory RallyTeam. The sponsor is assisting the two gravel racing enthusiasts to make their 2023 dreams come true. This year they have 6 rounds of Motul RST Cup 2023, 4 of which stillahead of them. Keep your fingers crossed and wish them luck!

Start dates:

I round March 25
II round May 13
III round September 23
IV round October 7
V round November 25

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